Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting Services

With the rapid change in the technology, it’s very important to be updated and use it for your business success. We can help you discover the best technology to solve your toughest business problems–no matter the industry, whether you want to shape your current business or start a new one. We help you to work out your business problems using technology as the key.

Digital Services

We offer specialized Digital consulting to our clients, supporting them in a range of activities from Digital Transformation to Digital Media. Our role is to understand the setup of our client’s business and the strategy they wish to pursue, so we can make the ideal strategic recommendation that will enable their business to flourish

Digital Transformation

  • Our role will be to understand and review the digital operations of our clients’ business, particularly focusing on the process management in place at the company and then advise our client on how best to transform these in order to become more efficient and effective throughout their operations
  • We can help to transform current task operations (such as Inspection task, Field Services, Safety Checks, Maintenance operations) from a manual paper intensive forms system to a real-time visualization and location sensitive site operations
  • We will be able to enable operations/maintenance team to be increasingly efficient and productive in the execution of scheduled and adhoc tasks/jobs
  • We would also be able to provide a digital solution to our client’s problems through our current portfolio of partners

Digital Media

  • Our customized Digital Media Consulting services offers strategic recommendations on the complete array of digital media services
  • We provide end to end digital marketing services like web management, Search Optimization, Social Media integration, e-commerce or digital branding
  • This will enable our clients to better manage their Digital Media presence, and ensure they can maximize their reach in the most effective way

BPO Services

Business Process Outsourcing & Management

When properly planned and implemented, business process outsourcing can substantially reduce costs – while maintaining or even elevating service quality and performance. We can help you by providing you a one stop BPO solution or help you overcome the challenges and risks which you come across when establishing outsourcing arrangements.

We already serve a few clients in the BPO space where we provide them a fully managed service for running the BPO successfully out of our centres.

  • Design outsourcing strategy that fits your business model
  • Selecting an outsourcing provider
  • Negotiating service contract
  • Planning and managing the transition to outsourced services and helping you every step of the way

We offer business process outsourcing on different functions that help you dynamically integrate your resources and methods to enhance overall efficiency at organizational level. Thus, you may continue focusing on your mainstream business function and utilize our Business Process Outsourcing services for support functions like:

  • Complete suite of HR Services
  • Financial Service – Book keeping and Accounting
  • Managing full customer life cycle – Customer Acquisition and Telesales, Customer Services and Upsell and repeat business
  • Back Office and document Processing – Email, Webchat and Social Media
  • IT Services – Helpdesk and Software & Telecom L1 Support services

Telecom Services

Mobile operators across the world are currently undergoing a huge effort in order to optimize their current network including 2G, 3G and 4G, in order to prepare for the upcoming evolution in mobile technology – 5G. This will be a key focus are for many businesses who operate in the Telecoms industry, and we, at Capsag, can provide a team of highly qualified and experienced telecommunications experts, that can provide consultancy for clients who are undergoing this shift and ensure that it is a smooth a transition as possible

4G & 5G Mobile Networks Technology

  • Capsag provides top notch Consultancy on telecom Networks with its team of highly qualified Telecommunication experts.
  • We provide consultancy on wireless technology, support for network rollout project and technology training.
  • We offer technology competence development, network planning & network optimisation and consultancy globally for domains 4G & 5G.
  • This is a key vertical for Capsag as we have a true understanding of the telecoms market, and have a team of experts who can ensure telecommunication businesses tackle the looming 5G connectivity issue in the best possible manner to deliver the ideal outcome