System Integration

System Integration

As mentioned earlier, technology is having a monumental impact across the business world. It is affecting how businesses operate, the products and services they offer to customers and also what skills they have within their business. With the technology and digital revolution in full flow, as evidenced by the UK spending on technology and UK CEO’s priorities, many of these businesses are now looking towards consultancies and system integrators to provide them with the expertise to realize the potential of these emerging technologies.

In Capsag, our clients have found both a technology consultant and system integrator with a wide range of expertise. We have a strong portfolio of partners such as:

Using our partners’ expertise, we can provide businesses with bespoke digital solutions to meet their business needs. Specifically, we can offer our clients a high-quality end to end managed service designed around them that will include E-Commerce platforms from our partners that will enable them to manage their operations, both back office and front office, in a much more effective way. And, we can also offer them solutions based on our IoT and Data Analytics partners, enabling us to design a high quality and tech savvy solutions.

Our philosophy is to support our clients by providing them with a one stop solution, augmenting their service offerings by using Capsag experience and presence in global markets. Capsag provides its partners to use its platform to bundle their products with Capsag’s managed services and offer it in the open market. Capsag is open to partnering with industry pioneers and likeminded business partners to help them in their Go to market journey.

We not only provide our clients with the technology and the solution to enable us to meet our clients need, we also provide them with the right people to ensure they get the most out of their operation. We have specifically trained people to bring out the ideal performance of the solutions and platforms, so our client doesn’t have to worry about how to use their own resources to manage these solutions. We offer the provision of employees trained on solutions, software and platforms provided by Capsag as well as customized skill trainings for employees if needed

IoT & Data Analytics


Capsag in partner with Hotwax Commerce provides Enterprise-class, multi-channel digital platform, which ensures that you fill every order you accept. The team at HotWax has implemented HotWax Commerce for enterprise clients in multiple industries across the globe. It provides an integrated supply chain management suite, which reduces inventory cost and increase traceability

Through our partnership with Hotwax, Capsag can offer clients a range of commerce platforms that will best suit their needs:

B2B2C Omni Channel Commerce Platforms

  • Multi-store, Multi-language, Multi-currency Capability
  • Omnichannel Order Creation and Management – B2B and B2C
  • B2B Sales Order Tools
  • Global Unified Catalog, Storefront, and Back Office

Customer Management (CRM)

  • B2B and B2C Relationship Management
  • Individuals, Groups, Groups of Groups
  • Customers and Vendor Management
  • Sales and Order History

Product Management (PIM)

  • Global Product Cataloging
  • Unlimited Product Variants and Data
  • Tiered Product Categorization
  • Integrated Real Time Inventory ATP / QOH, Reorder, etc.


  • Easy Purchase Orders / Quotes
  • Automatic Purchase Order Creation Through MRP Tool
  • Set Product Warning / Reorder Trigger Points
  • Seamless Quote to Order Approval Function

Warehouse Management (WMS)

  • Picklist / Pack / Ship, Wave Picking
  • Realtime Inventory Tracking, ATP/QOH, Cycle Counts
  • Vendor Management, Reorder Points, Auto PO Generation
  • Multi-warehouse, Bulk and Pick Locations, Stock Movement

Order Management (OMS)

  • Order Life-Cycle Management
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Global Order Inventory Visibility
  • Custom Order-Routing Capabilities

Digital Media

  • Multi-site Management
  • Production Web Page & Template Editing
  • Automated Email Template Editing
  • Site Sales Collateral Library

As well as offering the platforms through our partnership with Hotwax, Capsag can offer clients the possibility of 100% maximum efficiency from day one of operations through our specialized people that we can provide, allowing us to offer a truly integrated end to end managed service for our clients.

IoT & Data Analytics

Capsag has partnered with MobiQuest, a Singapore based IOT and Business analytics solutions provider. We specialize in providing end-to-end secure and proven IoT and mobile solutions with major focus on Smart Enterprises, Smart City and Nation initiatives.

We can offer our clients a range of IoT and Data Analytics solutions ensuring seamless integration with their business

Mobility Solutions

  • Smart Enterprise mobility solutions enabling the best possible productivity for our clients
  • UX/UI conceptual design, support and implementation- to ensure that our clients have the ideal user interface for their customers
  • Applications for management – allowing our clients to manage effectively and efficiently in a simple and easy manner

Collaboration Tools

  • Internal secure Enterprise collaboration tools, to boost productivity across our clients business- ensuring they are getting the most out of their resources and people
  • iOS and Android Applications can be delivered with integration to a number of other systems for easy and simple management
  • Encryption of data to ensure high level of security

Location services

  • Continuous and seamless positioning whether outdoors or indoors- enabling our clients to track anything they may deploy
  • Location based task activation- efficiency is boosted with an automated response based on certain actions
  • Location based inspection checklists, allowing ideal maintenance to be kept as well as meeting all health/fire standards

Intelligent Virtual Agents

  • An artificial intelligence-based personal assistant with a 3D avatar available 24/7
  • Behaves and interacts as a real human would do
  • Accessible on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers

Sensor Platforms

  • Sensor platform that can be deployed to enable ideal monitoring
  • Cloud based monitoring system so any sensor changes can be checked on and an action can be initiated
  • Encrypted data to ensure highest standards of security

In partnership with MobiQuest, we can offer our clients state of the art and high quality IoT solutions, allowing our clients to continuously improve their operations, with the correct specialized people in place to enable them to be as productive as possible