About Us

Capsag Overview

Capsag has been established since 2002 with a track record of working and delivering services to MNC clients across the globe. Having fully operational setups in Singapore, Philippines and India, and serving clients in Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, USA, etc.

Capsag is run by highly experienced and credible management team, who have garnered great experience and success in numerous markets such as technology and consultancy

Capsag is a Consultancy Business Specializing in Following key areas

  • Technology Consulting
  • System Integration
  • HR Consulting
  • Consulting Partner

We have developed a suite of services that we can offer to businesses ranging from the use of technology within their businesses right through providing commerce platforms and technology solutions through our partners and acting as a system integrator.

Capsag focuses on providing state of art technologies like Digital Media, E-Commerce and IOT space through its in-house expertise and leading alliance partners like Hotwax Inc., USA, Mobiquest, Singapore and Maroon Inc. USA for its customers in UK & Europe.

At Capsag, our technology knowledge, resources and our network of partners, combined with our proven solutions enables us to deliver a proposition of real value to our customers.

We set ourselves only the highest standards and guarantee flawless services execution, extensive knowledge and quality assurance practices to make our solutions unique with state of art technology which delivers sustainable value for our customers.

Having serviced more than 20 global esteemed clients through its experienced industry grade senior executives who enjoy more than 20 years of industry specific experience and along with alliance partner who enjoys global reputation in their functional space, the company boasts of high degree of combination of globally recognized processes, PMI driven methodologies and required level of quality processes